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Cupcakes have become a much more sophisticated part of our menu. Cupcakes have also transformed into the preferred desert for parties and, now weddings.

Order from Hansen's Cakes to get catering services of our Hansen's Cupcakes to make your next party, or wedding a great and delicious experience. 

To request catering services please contact us

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Hansen's Cupcakes offers a great variety of flavor combinations. Some of our cake flavors include chocolate, red velvet, marble, vanilla, carrot, lemon, and banana. 

We top off all of our cupcakes with great tasting combinations of frosting such as, chocolate, whip cream, strawberry, lemon strawberry jam, french butter, and many more. 

Hansen's Cupcakes are made to put a smile on your face. We believe that cupcakes can be the same edible works of art , as our cakes. 

You will always find cupcake works of art in our bakery of the latest trends, seasons, films, tv shows, and many more. 

Now you can order our standard cupcakes from here. Please select from our 3 showrooms to which you would like to pick up your order. For special custom orders please visit our contact page.

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